Our story


DONART Film Ltd. was established as a successor to several merged entities with the aim of creating a leading film and entertainment company operating in the Central European region and the United Kingdom. Our priority activity is the production and production of feature films intended for cinema distribution.

Since 2016, we have created 3 film projects for the Central European region, which viewers can see on Netflix and millions of other people on television.

Since 2019, we have been producing films and documentaries exclusively with the support of a massive campaign based on the project theme and exclusively for the international market.

Soon (to be specified) we will have the premiere of the feature film Cold Call, starring Karel Roden (The Bourne Supremacy, Hellboy, Blade, Running scared) and thanks to which we want to open a social discussion on criminological monuments – especially obsolete murders. With the support of the world’s largest canine organizations, we are shooting the documentary Royal Dogs, directed by BAFT-nominated Paul Cromptn. These are the most engaging and fundamental stories from the royal courts, which influenced the coexistence of man and dog, when we finally find ourselves with its burning problems, especially when it comes to the influence of social networks on the mass purchase of dogs and the existence of breeding facilities.

We are also preparing a new feature film by director Alice Nellis, director of one of HBO’s most successful series, Wasteland. Not to be missed is the documentary People on sale, which shows the terrifying face of the European continent in the context of trafficking in human beings, organs and the like. And all this in the largest European cities, where people travel for wealth.

In addition to feature films, we support beginning filmmakers. We also participate in the production of series, we help foreign productions with locations, we provide financing for imaginative projects and we run a casting agency.